All quiete on the western front…

Well, at least in terms of blogging that is.

I am studying for more insane hours than I ever though possible. 16-20 hours a week (in addition to working full time). I decided to take a break this week but unfortunately conference deadlines don’t move, so I have already spent almost three hours fixing up my presentation for TAUSC at the end of the month. I’m dead, I’m finished, but unfortunately I’m still not FINISHED!

On the up side though, I have finally installed the power system, servos and receiver into my model Extra 230 which I built in while I was living in res at Wits. I will post a picture sometime soon (before I fly it). The electronics for model aircraft are really expensive, especially if they are electrically powered so the model has had to wait about 7 years to be completed. I intend to make the maiden flight on Saturday, weather permitting. I still need to take it around to Frasers for them to measure the power system performance and I need to put in a lot of practice in the simulator. I’m terrified of flying the plane and crashing it! The engine really pulls: at full throttle, you can almost let it go and expect it to jump out of your hand and fly away. My new radio is awesome: the design of the plane means that the control rods are bent into “s” shapes at both ends. This makes it very difficult to achieve precise center positions, however the radio allows me to remove any offset and centre the control precisely. The radio also allows me to precisely adjust the amount of travel that the control surfaces have.

The Gripen progresses slowly. I have completed installation of the canard controls and I have set up the rudder control although the push rod has not yet been glued. I have also installed the elevon servos and so now I need to attach the control horns and make up the push rods.


Canard servo installation

Canard servo installation



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