Is difficult

I seem to have missed my annual wrap up post for 2009. Somehow the holidays have come and gone and time has run out. I had an excellent holiday with family and then a week in the ‘Berg where we experience every type of weather except snow.

2009 was, in general, not a good year. There were some highlights, namely that Janita and I renewed our marriage vows and then spent an awesome week in Kruger. We also had a couple of good trips to Nylsvley. In general however, the studies were difficult and the stress levels were high. I spent a total of 529 hours studying and thankfully I have something good to show for it having now presented the work at two conferences.

I am still working on getting photos posted but its going to take a while because I’m studying again. Now that the conferences are over I am busy consolidating and then its time to move forward and wrap up my masters once and for all.

Another highlight of 2009 was finally completing and flying the Green Goblin. Over the holidays I flew many times and my landings are definitely improving. I have even managed one or two “greasers”.

And now its back to work via a cup of coffee. If things improve then the Gripen will fly this year.

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