This photo was posted on Flickr by Hans Dekker. I wish I could take pictures like this.

Some days you just have to wonder: why? Work is slow, lunch is over, the internet is being caught by global warming and Eskom is once again going to screw us all.Last year electricity prices increased by over 30% and yet according to Carte Blanche last night nothing has changed and we will barely make it through the world cup. Towards the end of the year and beginning of next year we can look forward to 4 to 5 years of rolling blackouts, or, in politically correct terminology, “load shedding”.

Again I reiterate: Why?
Why should any foreign investors risk their money in this place and the impending fiasco?
Why should we pay more for our electricity with no benefit whatsoever, not even the certainty that we won’t be subject to more blackouts?
Why is such incompetence and greed allowed to persist to the detriment of the country?

The shit is hitting the fan and its only going to get worse!

On a happier note, Janita and I went to see Avatar in 3D last night and it was awesome. We are going to go and see it again, soon!

This might just be coincidence but it seems that a lot of people have removed the “Blog this” option from their photo stream, or maybe it’s because I’m not signed in. Duh.

Waiting for change…

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