Drool drool drool…

I’m embarrassing myself here, but I would really like one of these! I think it may be prudent to wait for the second generation technology though because it is likely to offer significant improvements at a cheaper price. Take a look at PACMAN3000‘s post about the iPad (where this picture comes from) on Flickr. For a full background to the story and some of his comments, visit Apple’s website and watch Steve Job’s keynote address. I suggest also taking a look at his post entitled ’10 Reasons to buy an iPad’. I absolutely agree that multi-tasking and a full iTunes client are must-haves but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t need a TV tuner, camera or another USB slot.

I would like to see a note pad app where I can write on the screen with a pen in the same way I currently do with my paper notebook. Maybe this already exists though and I simply don’t know about it.

For a laugh, read PACMAN’s post entitled ‘The iPad arrived today and SURPRISE the geeks hate it‘. Excellent!

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