I think that if I had the time, this is one area of photography which I would really like to try my hand at. The magic of photographs is that they freeze a moment in time forever. With landscapes and portraits, photographs are often very reproducible because the scene remains approximately the same. With shots like this one (taken by Snappuppy on Flickr) you get to glimpse a moment in time which is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. The idea that this moment is forever captured in an image and will never exist again is intriguing. Sure, it should be possible to achieve a similar image following the same concept and setup but each image is going to be unique.

On that same note, my brother showed me The Wall Street Journal’s  Photo Journal yesterday and this is a perfect example of freezing forever fleeting and often amazing moments which we probably wouldn’t notice with the naked eye. Breathtaking, shocking and moving images that make the viewer feel the moment.

The highlight broadcasts of the winter olympics often end with a series of images highlighting that day’s action. These images often give a much better sense of the days pain and glory than the actual video clips themselves.

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One thought on “Motion

  1. Era Zhyr

    Ladies and gentlemen. Observe slow shutter speed in motion. Very brave to do this one. Nice touch on the strawberries.

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