Catching up

I’m slowly starting to catch up with mine and Janita’s photography, thanks in part to some extra time I’ve had at home. I have uploaded the photos from the first two days of our trip to the Drakensberg in January and I have cleaned up all the memory cards and made all the necessary backups so that we are ready to start fresh when we go to Magoebaskloof this weekend. Its been a bit slow going because I only have 8 fingers to type with and I’m groggy due to the pain medication I’m on.

Spaced out while waiting in casualty

On Monday evening my finger was crushed between two hockey sticks during a routine one-on-one drill. The defender’s stick hit my hand awkwardly where the glove has no padding (directly on the tip) (the padding in a hockey glove is only on top of the finger.) There was nothing attached well enough to stitch and so the doctor had to cut away the tip. He assures me that it will grow back in about 8 weeks. So I won’t be playing hockey for a while, at least not until I can fit the dressing inside my glove.

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