The letter of the law

I hate bureaucracy!

This morning I made a second attempt to renew my driver’s license which expires in about a month. I made the first attempt about a week ago and gave up because I couldn’t spend the time to spend four to five hours in queues. I arrived at the Waltloo testing center at about 07:00 this morning to find that I was sixth in the line of cars waiting outside the gate and that the offices only opened at 08:00. After waiting for about twenty-five minutes the security guards opened the gates and started letting people through, but not before asking them what they were there for. “To renew my driver’s licence”, I said. “They have meetings this morning and will only open for license renewals at 11:00”, they said. I kept my cool for about 30 second, or until I had turned around and was waiting at the traffic lights on my way to work and then I ranted and raved to myself the whole way to work.

I don’t want to renew the licence, I have to or else I’m going to be arrested.

Why the %!@#%^ must it be so difficult?

Why does the license have to expire in the first place?

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