T-2 weeks to iPad

I bought my first eBook yesterday, not because I couldn’t wait, but simply in sheer desperation to find some workable solution that will allow me to complete the structural model for my masters. It now sits open on the desktop with the solution displayed and I am wasting time blogging and watching videos about the iPad instead of studying. My excuse… I’m not feeling well and I’m just about burnt out!

Here goes for some initial thoughts on the apps I have considered so far:

iBooks: Well, it’s free but it doesn’t have great reviews, mainly due to missing functionality and the fact that eBooks are more expensive that paperbacks which doesn’t make sense. I will probably download it and try it just to see for myself. Also its possible that the price of eBooks will come down in the future.

iWork: I will have to actually need this before I buy it. Especially at $10 for each component.

Sasol eBirds: $30? Thats a bit pricey but then again I suppose that the book costs at least that. Two good reviews, one bad review… who knows. I will get this because it has been on my list ever since I thought of actually getting the iPad and I think that the iPad should be the ideal platform for it. If the software still requires some development then I trust that Sasol will continue to develop it until it reaches the same standard as their bird books. New technology takes time to mature, especially here in SA.

Drawing Pad: $1.99. I know this app is aimed at kids but it looks like great fun to just mess round with as well as to experiment with scrap booking ideas. This is the perfect set of crayons, kokis, etc. they never get blunt, they never run dry and they don’t spill ink or fade in colour. For the price I will get it just to mess around with. Oh yes, and it got good reviews too.

Omnigraffle: This appears to be the app that I have been looking for for many years, one that allows me to do my diagram sketches, save them and convert them to proper diagrams without having to use pen and paper. Unfortunately, at $50, and without great reviews, this one won’t be happening any time soon. I will need to prove that it is what I am looking for and that the current performance issues have been resolved before I shell out that much on this app.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon’s book app. It’s free and they have a much wider selection of books to choose from thaniBooks.

Boardbox: $0.99. Stephen, next time we play Go, I’ll bring the goban and stones.

Sound Hound: $4.99. The idea of an app that can identify a song by listening to it is just so cool. This is a definite for me and it’s not too expensive.

Civilization  Revolution: $6.99. Good reviews but its something I won’t get right away. I may get it one day if I’m bored. I am looking for something that’s more like Age of Empires. The idea of moving armies and stuff around by simply pointing a finger appeals to me.

Airsharing Pro: $2.99. This seems like pretty much a no-brainer. It serves as both a file sharing and document viewing app for most formats including Microsoft and PDF.

Labrynth 2: $7.99. This might just be the app that I am looking forward to the most.

I think that’s enough for now or this post threatens to get a bit too long. I read an interesting article yesterday about how Apple develops technology: they start with the most solid and stable core they can and then they iterate, iterate and iterate some more. This means that between versions of software or hardware there are no huge leaps in technology, however the advancement made over time is significant. There are some who say that the iPad is the birth of a new era in mobile computing and I agree with this. However I don’t believe that the iPad is quite as new as some people think. After all, the idea started with the iPhone which has been around for 3 years now. The iPad is simply a logical expansion of the ideas and possibilities that the iPhone platform revealed. The iPad takes the iPhone platform and expands on it, overcoming many of the limitations of technology small enough to fit into your back pocket and applying many of the lessons learnt. As a result the iPad does not have to relearn the lessons from the iPhone and I am looking forward to the advancement of this technology in the future.

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