Catching up

Wow, what a week. From waiting patiently, to flat-out panic, to confirmation, acceptance and the slow and gradual build of real excitement. Its getting difficult to concentrate.

Now that we are officially going and most of the paperwork has been done, the pressure has relaxed slightly and I can once again turn my mind to the apps I would like to get for the iPad. I only got about half way through my list last week and I have added quite a few more on the side since I made the first list so here goes in an attempt to catch up and review them all before Chris gets here.

Dragon Dictation: I will test this one out. Its free and voice recognition software that works really well would be quite a find and very useful.

Sketchbook Pro: $7.99. This seems to be the de-facto standard for iDevice drawing programs so I might try it out.

Bento: $4.99 and looks very useful. I will try the apps that come with the iPad first though before I buy this one.

Star Walk: $4.99. A definite for me. I love that idea of being able to identify constellations using this device. It starts to seem like an even better idea when you consider that I am moving to the northern hemisphere and the night skies will be unfamiliar to me.

Epicurious: This recipe book is free but I would probably get it anyway. I just hope that it will allow me to set the units of my choice and not force me to use American units of measure.

Worms HD: $4.99. What can I say? Its worms!

Worms HD

Good Reader: $0.99. Excellent reviews and it looks like it will do everything I want including transfer files and read Microsoft formats. I will have to compare this with AirSharing Pro and try to figure out which one is better. I think that I will try this one first.

PDF Reader Pro: $0.99. I’m not sure about this one. The iPad specific version has not yet been released and so I definitely won’t consider it yet. I will probably only consider it if Good Reader doesn’t work out for me.

Penultimate: $2.99. An excellent idea but unfortunately it appears to be poorly implemented if the reviews are anything to go by. Also, I can’t write without resting my hand on the surface I am writing on so this will be useless to me.

Zinio Magazine Reader: I’m not sure about this free reader. It has gotten some good review in places but the ratings in the iTunes store don’t fill me with confidence. Also, it will apparently only subscribe to US magazines.

I have recently found out that some of the native Apple apps are not available if you don’t have a US account on iTunes. This means that iBooks and iWorks may have to wait until we arrive in Germany by which time the iPad will have launched internationally and the apps will be available there. Oh well. I think I can cope!

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