T-1 week to iPad

And here are some more apps I have looked at getting:

Google Mobile App: Free with good reviews and will provide access to all the Google tools I use. A no-brainer.

Flickr: Another free app that will be useful to me by allowing me to access my Flickr account.

Skype: An obvious one. Thankfully, all these official apps are getting good reviews.

Facebook: Another obvious one.

WordPress: I am looking forward to blogging using the iPad.

WeatherBug Elite for iPad: This seems to come out tops of all the weather apps I have seen reviewed. I hope that it works here in SA and of course in Germany.

1Password for iPad: $6.99. Of all the security apps I have seen reviewed, this one appears to be the most promising so I will give it a try.

Sudoku 2: I’m not sure if this iPhone game has been upgraded for the iPad or not but it looks good to me and it gets good reviews. I will definitely give it a try.

Air Hockey Gold: This game has been upgraded for the iPad and it also gets good reviews. Another one that I will try.

SimCity: $2.99. Also not sure if it has been upgraded for iPad. I would like to try it because I was disappointed by SimCity Societies on the PC and it gets decent reviews.

MotionX GPS: $2.99. Awesome. A GPS for when you’re walking. The only app I’ve seen so far where the current version gets 5 stars. Now the only problem is how inconvenient it might be walking around carrying the iPad in a forest. Here in SA it would also be downright suicidal. This app was originally written for the iPhone and its possible that the iPad will not be a suitable (or convenient) platform.

MotionX GPS

MotionX GPS Drive: $0.99. A good-looking turn by turn navigator which has decent reviews and is probably worth a try if and when we get a car in Germany.

Photogene: $3.99. This looks like decent image editing software and it gets excellent reviews. I will decide on this one once I have connected my camera and investigated the possibilities.

WritePad: $1.99. I like the concept of handwriting recognition software. If this can replace my pen and paper notebook then I will get it in a flash. I will probably experiment with Adobe Ideas first though.

DropBox: This free app gets good reviews and I really want to be able to store files on the web in a “cloud”. I’m not sure if this is going to be the best option for me though. I will probably have to try it out and see.

Graphing Calculator: $1.99. One of the reasons I am buying the iPad is to get a good graphing calculator. This one seems like it is going to be the best fit for my needs out of what I have reviewed so far.

Graphing Calculator

SpaceTime: $19.99. Expensive, fancy and like a mobile MATLAB. However, it can draw Bode plots and it looks pretty powerful. I might consider this one if I think I need that kind of power when I don’t have access to MATLAB itself.

Mathematical Formulas: $0.99. I like this one. I have a set of formula pages which I have been carrying around with me since I left university. Needless to say they are getting rather dog-eared and this app will hopefully replace them nicely.

The Guardian Eyewitness: One of my favorite RSS feeds is the Wall Street Journal’s photo journal. I will definitely be getting this one.

Adobe Ideas: This free tool from adobe looks like a good platform to replace the proverbial paper napkin on which ideas are usually scribbled. I have never actually scribbled an idea on a paper napkin but I have seen the minutes of a meeting taken on the back of a paper plate once.

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