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I reckon that the iPad is the ultimate personal computer. I mean let’s face it: IBM coined the phrase ages ago but it’s never had meaning quite like this. I can literally have my whole digital life in one tablet. Sure, I may need my laptop or desktop to do big jobs like running MATLAB or creating big documents or doing serious media editing, but think about this: why do you buy a big powerful PC anyway? I do it because I need the power to run my simulations or edit photographs, not because I need to run Facebook or write an email. The specifications of any desktop computer are driven by the most powerful application you want to run on it. It is also quite possible to run a simulation, plot the results and export them to the tablet where you can later analyse them at your own convenience. The same logic applies to photography.

At the moment the iPad or any tablet computer is a niche device which provides mobility at the expense of functionality. I propose that in reality a tablet collects all the parts of our digital lives that don’t require extreme processing power into one place. These applications are by far the majority of the applications that I use. Where does that leave the PC? As a specialist device for running high powered work or business related applications.

This may never happen, but I could envision a world where tablets are the personal computers and desktop PCs are restricted to specialist application platforms used at work and, where necessary, at home.

A of pieces of advice: Don’t buy a stylus. The iPad is designed for fingers. When drawing you can adjust the size of the pen so that you have can draw with a fine liner despite have fingers the width of a whiteboard marker.

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