Bloody Annoying!

Arg, the iPad can be annoying, especially Safari. Take internet banking for example: the browser only loads the parts of the page that can be displayed. This means that some important things like “Next” buttons and “Continue” or ” Confirm” buttons are not displayed making it entirely USELESS!

Then take the keyboards autocomplete functionality. Great most of the time like now as I type this post because I don’t have to worry about little things like spelling. Really über annoying if you are typing technical search terms in the browser and you always end up searching for the wrong thing first before realising that the thing you typed in CORRECTLY was auto-corrected for you. Why must I have to jab the tiny cross next to the suggested correction in order to reject it? Why can’t I rather have press a key to ACCEPT the correction instead?

Why must computers always assume that I am WRONG? Why can’t, just for a change, it be possible for a computer to assume that I am actually right first time and leave it up to me to decide whether I am right or wrong?

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One thought on “Bloody Annoying!

  1. The errors on the banking web page where important buttons were missing seem to be caused by 3G reception issues rather than a fault with Safari itself. I successfully carried out the operation today.

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