Starting off

Yesterday Janita and I looked at our first potential place to live when the two months in the hotel are over. It was really nice and really big, but way too expensive! We have no car and are using public transport which is great. We did however walk a very long way (>10km) around the town and through the forest as well so we were buggered when we got home.

Janita at Kolscheid Bahnhof

Navigating via iPad

Janita in Würselen


Tree in Wurmtal Forest

Palamino in Wurmtal Forest

My job title is now “Junior Solution Designer” thanks to a reshuffle that happened two days before I arrived. It didn’t have any effect on what I actually do though. I feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond and the amount of information that I have tried to absorb in the first week is staggering. I’ll get there but it will take a while. It is very interesting though, especially to work with other people, most of whom have much more experience in simulation than I have.

By the way, if you ever plan to do a trip like this, buy yourself a 3G iPad. It has been worth its weight in gold to us and has simplified our trip immensely, especially when it comes to looking up public transport timetables online (regardless of where we are) and navigating around town using the GPS.

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