Horses for courses

We looked at another apartment on Monday, this time in the center of Stolberg. It was very nice but we don’t really fancy living in the centre of the town like that.

Sometimes I wish I could crawl under the table and just hide for the rest of the day. I was very embarrased at work on Tuesday after attempting to get lunch. I won’t go into the details but it involved security and a Knorr Cup-a-Snack machine.

On Thursday I got sick on the seafood salad from the canteen and it took me 24 hours and two unpleasant sessions in the bathroom to recover. Janita and I also went to watch the opening ceremony of the DJM (German Junior Horse Riding Championships) which was quite entertaining.

A word of advice: don’t mess with German bus drivers. I was on a bus which pulled up behind a car which was stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. The bus driver hooted, then accelerated and braked so that the bus pitched up and came down an inch from the car’s boot! The driver of the car got the message and drove off.

Public transport that works is great, no really, I mean this. Unfortunately though, there appear to be only two ways of using it: either sprinting to catch it, or waiting for it. I saw a man with dog running to catch the train on Friday but the driver wouldn’t let him on because the doors had already closed, even though the train stood in the station for another 20 seconds, more than enough time for him to climb aboard.

We looked at a very nice apartment in a suburb of Eschweiler called Dürwiß on Saturday. It was smaller than we thought but we did like it enough to express our interest to the owner. He hasn’t called us back so I assume he has offered it to one of the other couples who were looking at it at the same time as us.

Blausteinsee near Dürwiß, Eschweiler

Mute Swan

Janita and I spent Sunday watching the DJM horse riding in the poring rain. It was very interesting and we end up spending most of the time watching the vaulting because it was held indoors. We did however make a sojourn outside to watch the dressage and jumping.

Individual vaulting competition at DJM

Horse jumping competition at DJM

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