Month 1 and a bit

Time goes fast. Since my last post we have successfully acquired our residence permits, a coffee machine and been ice skating.

Its been pretty hectic here lately. We are still looking for a house or apartment in which to live and the pressure is mounting now because we only have a few more weeks to look. Our container left Durban on Thursday so our house is officially at sea.

Work has been insane and I’ve been spending many long days trying to get up to speed and deliver on time. I am being succesful to some degree but deadlines don’t move and it feels like the odds are against me. I’ll get there though, it’s a new experience working in such a large company with so many people involved in a project. As always, it’s not about what you know but about who you know and in a company that employs 6500 people world-wide its very difficult for a newbie to get the right person first time.

We went on the Aachen Stadtrundfahrten (City Tour) today and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went through quite a few parts of Aachen that we have not seen yet and then stopped for 20 minutes at Dreiländerpunkt (3 country point) where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. This is a very pretty place with plenty of walking and biking trails through the forest. We will go back there when we have our bikes. Fortunately I have discovered how to export maps from MotionX GPS so I have been able to include it here.

Aachen Stadtrundfahrten

Janita on Tour

Tristan on Tour

Älg on Tour

Janita at Dreilanderpunkt

Leaving Netherlands

Janita & Tristan at Dreinlanderpunkt

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