Writers Block

I love reading and my favorite author is David Eddings, followed closely by Terry Pratchett, Christopher Palin and Sara Douglas. When I read a book by any of these authors I really struggle to put it down. This is great on a Sunday morning when I can afford to lie in bed until midday. It’s not so good when its one o’clock in the morning and I have to get up at six to go to work. However, this is simply due to a lack of self-control and is no fault of the authors.

However, it brings me to the question: How does one write a book that can capture a reader like that? Is it possible to do it intentionally by setting out with a plan, or is it just natural talent, the use of a particular style of writing, or the instinctive knowledge of exactly how much and what type of detail to put into the story?

I had an idea on my way to work one morning that came from watching the cigarette of the guy walking in front of me.

A pin point glow appeared in the inky blackness. A short while later it winked out. Some may have felt the force of the blow but most would not. And so it began, as so many things do, with a death that shaped a life.

Now this is all very dramatic and I think it would make a good start because it sets the scene without even setting the world. For example, the story could be set in the real world and the glow could be a cigarette, or it could be set in the world of fantasy and the glow could be the tip of a wizard’s wand…

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