I am severely jet lagged following my visit to Montreal last week. However it was very successful in terms of both work and sight-seeing. Dave and I visited the Bell Stadium in an attempt to get hockey tickets for the Canadiens vs Bruins game on Tuesday night. However, neither of use was willing in good conscience to pay even the lowest price of 200 $ for seats in the back. So we watched the game in a restaurant and afterwards Dave took me to an old haunt of his called Jimbo’s. After dinner drinks on Friday saw us back in Jimbo’s until 03:00 or so. Fortunately the taxis in Montreal are very usable and not too expensive (although by no means cheap).

Tuesday was beautiful weather, cold, but with sunny blue skies. It snowed heavily on Wednesday night but by Thursday morning it was raining and had warmed up so much that snorkels were required to walk anywhere. I had considered going skiing on Saturday but a late Friday night and the change in the weather leading to very poor snow reports ended that idea. It simply would not have been worth the effort. Fortunately Saturday was relatively dry because we spent the day walking around downtown looking for banks, computer shops and book shops. The photo shows a protest rally that happened to be going on while we were there.

I don’t remember being so badly affected by jet lag when I flew to the US from Sweden in 2006 and 2007 but the East-bound trip last night has hit me really hard. Good night.

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