3 weeks

I’ve missed three weeks of the PostAWeek 2011 challenge. However, I do have some valid excuses and I have not given up.

Writing has often been a distraction for me while I have been studying, you know, the sort of thing where I write a “quick” post when I should be studying. Well my first piece of news is that I have finally submitted my dissertation. Yes, it’s too good to be true and it happened not last Thursday but the week before that.

Devil Ducks Camp Fire

Since then I have played a lot of hockey and actually I spent the last weekend in a small town called Diez which is near Limburg in Germany. The Ducks achieved 5th place out of 12 teams, even with the help of their “hunched gnome” (me). I made one assist and one goal, both within the first few minutes of the last game we played (competing for 5th and 6th place).

Devil Ducks Camp

So, aside from a knee injury of a week and a half ago (not too serious but not something to be messed with in hockey), I have enjoyed a thoroughly epic end to the hockey season.

Hipstamatic shot of another game (courtesy of Janita)

And now I am free from studying, life is set to commence and I will hopefully be blogging a lot more. Until then…

Diez (courtesy of Janita)

Viel Spaß (have a lot of fun)

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