Catching up

It’s Good Friday, almost exactly a year from the first time I came to Germany for an interview. Now I have been here for almost nine months and lived in this apartment for longer than six.

The weather outside is not quite as good as it has been recently which is par for the course since I put my model aeroplane batteries on to charge this morning. It’s a bit overcast and slightly chillier. Its been most wonderfully (and very unusually) warm and sunny for the last month.

The last three weeks without my masters has been an eye opener. There is a life out there! However this has also meant that my blogging has been slacking. I need to come up with a way whereby I can write stuff at random times during the week and then simply publish always on the same day. I have made a long list of blog ideas and a fair few of them are related to my masters and other experiences. The daily ideas from the WordPress bog-a-day challenge are also brilliant. I just seem to lack the oomph to actually sit down and write. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time writing technical documents.

For the first time, Janita and I have the same phone, which is awesome. The advantage of both of us having an iPhone is that we can both customize our phones the way we want and have a completely different set of apps and yet be sure that both phones are capable of exactly the same thing (eg. we can now use Face Time).


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