How long does a mouse last?

The scroll wheel on my mouse stopped working two days before I submitted my masters. It had lasted since March 2006, almost exactly 5 years. That’s pretty good going for computer hardware which manufacturers typically only support for 2 years. The curios thing is that my laptop keyboard broke (the g-key popped out because one of the plastic hooks broke off) only a few days before the mouse. They were bought at the same time, even at the same shop.

So my masters was finished using the mouse from Janita’s computer because it was simply too annoying not having a scroll wheel. I couldn’t do anything about the keyboard so I just had to live with it. It’s amazing how technology changes our lives and things that once seem luxuries become common place to the point where our ability to be efficient is affected when they break or are no longer available for some reason.

The other thing that often surprises me is how I learn. Launching my Extra 230 used to be a case of setting the engine to full throttle, throwing it as hard as I could and praying (while trying to react fast enough to avoid hitting anything). I have recently learnt to take off from the ground and on Thursday evening I had the most amazing flight including no less than three touch and gos.

There is something awesome about being able to come home from work on a Friday and sit outside the local ice cream cafe in the sun eating these:

Friday evening ice cream

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