iPhones don’t fly

On Saturday I decided to go for a long distance test drive of both my new bike and my new iPhone holder. This went well until I hit the cobbles in Kohlscheid when my bike stopped and my phone didn’t. It leapt straight out of the holder, landed hard on the cobbles with a terrible crunch and rolled end over end for about 15 meters. The miracle is that only the glass on the back shattered. The front was fine and the phone still worked perfectly. I felt like a right royal idiot and learnt one important lesson: iPhones don’t fly!


I reattached the phone to the bike and continued (gingerly). I figured that since it was already broken and I was going to have to fix it I may as well take advantage of the fact that it still worked. 4 or 5 kilometers later and the folly of my ways was demonstrated when I once again hit a massive bump and the phone went flying. This time both it and I were lucky not to be run over by a bus. Believe it or not, it still worked although now the back was completely shattered. I learnt my second lesson: if an accessory is labeled for the iPhone 3, it will not necessarily work for the iPhone 4 even though it might appear to at first sight.

This time I didn’t bother to attach the phone back on the bike and I stuck it in my pocket instead. Fortunately I could still use it for navigation and I successfully completed my ride to and from work. So now, as soon as I have finished replacing the savings that the replacement phone cost me and have picked the glass splinters out of everything, I can seriously consider getting a scooter to go to work.

On Sunday I decided that it would be better to spend the rest of the weekend in bed after crashing my plane on takeoff. The weather was perfect for flying and the furthest I got from the ground was about 5 cm after which it hit a tuft of grass and cartwheeled into the farmer’s field on the left of the runway. The engine mount sheared in the impact and that was the end of my “flying” for the day.


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