The Prophecy Never Fails

Isn’t it interesting how the prophesies that form the core of so many fantasy books never fail. The good guys always win and yet even though the ultimate outcome is almost guaranteed the story can be absolutely thrilling. I believe that this has a lot to do with the elements of the story that are unknowns:

  • How will the characters reach their goal?
  • Which characters will make it to the end?
  • Who will be lost along the way and why?
  • Will they live happily ever after or will the prophecy leave them struggling to construct new lives?

The prophecy often appears to fail (eg. a main character dies) but then it turns out that it was simply misinterpreted.

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One thought on “The Prophecy Never Fails

  1. I’d say this applies across the board to popular fiction (both in books and TV). It’s a given that the main character will survive and the baddie will get strung up, in some shape or form.

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