Saturday morning

So I sit here in front of the computer on a cold and dreary Saturday morning enjoying the fact that this weekend has already been two days long. Sometimes life just trundles along at a sedate pace and its difficult to actually relax and slow down. I have one more week of work before a two-week holiday and I am very much looking forward to the holiday. Mind you, the week of work shouldn’t be too bad either since I’m quite busy at the moment.

A few days ago, Janita and I went out to fly my plane and took this HDR photo. The light was gorgeous and the idea for the photo was hers. I simply stood behind the camera.

I am working on a few things at the moment – next weekend I will resume construction of my model Gripen after finally being able to buy the remaining electronics and the engine sometime during the week. I have also started exploring the possibilities of writing my own web application for work.

Janita and I went shopping for her yesterday and window shopping for a few of the items on our collective wish lists. Next weekend we will have some fun and buy some of the stuff. We are upgrading some of our hiking equipment (e.g. replacing a cotton inner sheet for our sleeping bags that I swear weighs at least two kilograms with silk ones that weigh 120 grams each) including clothing and boots. I will be getting the MS FlightSim X – the special edition which includes the fighter planes; and we will also get a few more Apple accessories – hopefully including an Airport Express base station so I can add AirPlay functionality to the home theater system.


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