Flying Sunday

Having to actually sit down and write something is proving quite a challenge, even when I have the time to do it.
I’m not sure why, mark ye, it just is. I am once again late with the blog, mainly due to integration problems with my aeroplane. The extra parts finally arrived last week, and after retrieving them from customs I was free to continue building.

Gripen with engine and propeller finally attached

I am teaching myself to solder properly and am learning slowly and the hard way. I have chucked out an endless number of plugs, cables and little bits of ends of wires. However, last nigh I finally got the power train hooked up and ran the engine up
for the first time. Apart from some vibration in the motor mount, it went very well. The vibration should be greatly diminished if not gone completely when I install the fuselage top and vertical tail. I have some wiring problems to solve first though as well as some more soldering to do… my battery wires are ever so slight way too long.

I used the kitchen scale to measure how much thrust I was getting and unfortunately its a bit low so therefore I need to first tweak the computer model to accurately reflect reality and then experiment with ways of improving it. It seems that the primary problem is that the plane is slightly heavier than expected (by about 70g) and a two cell LiPo is not going to be enough. I am going to need three cells and maybe a different propeller. On the plus side, at least it should fly in the current configuration and it should be quite docile so I have some room to learn and experiment.

Alex, Janita and I went to Maastricht last Sunday for lunch, beer and ice-cream. Its been on my list of places to visit ever since we arrived here in Germany but this is the first time we actually got there. Alex has been there plenty of times so he showed us around the old town. It’s a very interesting and pretty town with more shops than I have seen in one place before. The walk along the river was especially good, even though it was spitting with rain.

The Maas River

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