Up to date

One of the great things about a holiday at home is that I finally have the time to catch up on all those things I never have time to do, like photos. I am finally completely up to date with my editing and uploading to Flickr. In the process I have learnt some new techniques  and have achieved some fairly good pictures.

I have been wanting to try the effect below, ever since our wedding photographer demonstrated its use to such good effect. It’s actually really quite simple, the trick is to do a good black and white conversion first.

Alone in blue

Next is a successful application of the HDR processing that gives a photo a kind of painting like look. Usually I don’t like this effect but here I think it works quite well.


Then comes a fairly plain photo. I like the composition and the subject matter, I just wish that I could give it some more “punch”, but nothing I tried really gives it the look I want so this was the best I could do.


And finally, an HDR in black and white. The only thing I would like to improve in this photo is that the bank in the lower third of the frame could be a little darker. It feels a bit too bright to me.


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