Exploring Skyrim

I’ve been collecting Skyrim screenshots for quite a while now, without doing anything with them so its high time I got around to it.


Last night Janita helped me defeat Alduin (at least temporarily). If you’re wondering how that works, I fire arrows furiously at the dragon while she keeps a close eye on my health bar and shout recharge status. Janita then calls out when its time to shout at Alduin again in order to keep him on the ground, or when my health is getting low and I need to do something to stay alive. It did take quite a few attempts to get it right and finally overcome “The Worldeater” and I went through my complete stack of health potions and a significant amount of food just trying to stay alive in the process. Attacking from the right place also helped enormously as a rock wall made a good shield against dragon flames. Paarthurnax, the only dragon who seems, surprisingly enough, to be on my side, was also a great help in defeating Alduin.


It was a bit frustrating when Alduin flew off after being defeated. It means I’m going to have to fight him again at sometime in the future.

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