Travels around Germany

Janita and I started off our paragliding training with the Grundkurs (basic course) in Baiersbronn, Shwarzwald on the 3rd weekend of August. This was quite a mixed up weekend as we had baking heat (35+) the whole time and unfortunately, Janita hurt her shoulder right at the beginning. This meant that I finished all the “flights” I needed but we would need to make another plan for her.

Old town of Gernsbach

Two weeks later we had the opportunity for Janita to try again in the Eifel. Her shoulder wasn’t completely better, but it turned out that the start and landing didn’t hurt it so she was able to have a good weekend and get back on track with 8 “flights”. I put “flight” in inverted commas because at this stage the time in the air only lasted about 30 – 50 seconds.


After that I spent four days at the ILA Airshow in Berlin. This was both boring, because I was looking after a stand all day and nothing much happened, and interesting, because I did get some time to walk around the show and I also saw quite a few live displays. The best live display for me was the F-18, but the Eurofighter also put on a good show.

A400M at ILA 2012

Immediately after Berlin we were back in Baiersbronn for our first Höhenflüge (high flights) from Stöckerkopf and to complete the A-Schein (limited license) theory course. With our first 2 high flights in the bag (loads of fun, and an increase in flight time up to 2 minutes) and the theory complete, we headed back to Aachen so that I could go to work for a whole 4 days in a row.


The very next weekend we were back in Baiersbronn again with the aim to accumulate more high flights. We camped in a small, family run, campsite in Mitteltal. A word of advice – family run campsites are not the best places to stay. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we lost a day due to rain leaving us with a tally of only 8 flights for the whole weekend.


Then it was off to Munich for me to do a 5 day course in systems engineering and, of course, to go to Oktoberfest. Janita joined me on the Friday and we had a very good, if rather damp, weekend.

Outisde the Löwenbräu Zelt

And that brings me up to the end of September. Wow – if I keep this up, I may just catch up with myself before the next adventure.

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