A paragliding story

Four weeks ago and after only 10 flights from Stöckerkopf we headed to Südtirol and a flying site called Ahrntal in a town called Sand in Taufers.

Sand in Taufers

This was due to awful weather over the whole of Germany which meant that we wouldn’t be able to fly in Schwarzwald when we needed to. Not that I was complaining, after all it meant an extra 4 days in the Alps and much valuable experience flying at a site with an altitude difference of 567 m.

Ahrntal start site

What a beautiful place to fly. We racked up a total of 10 flights in 3 days and we lost 1 day due to poor weather. Then we moved on to Rodeneck, our main destination and where we would stay for the next 7 days.

View from our hotel room in Rodeneck

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate very much and in 7 days we only managed to accumulate 18 flights.

Air space (above the landing field)

On Sunday 15 October I flew and passed my A-Schein (German limited license), just squeezing the two test flights into small windows of suitable weather.

Rodeneck start site

Tomorrow we will head back to Rodeneck for Janita to finish her license. I just hope and pray that the weather cooperates this time.

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