The end of the beginning

I amazed myself last week Monday when I managed to post all the pictures of our second trip to Rodeneck the day after we returned. This has got to be a first for me and something I need to aspire to keep up to. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to follow-up quite so promptly with the blog.

Road to Nauders

The trip was great. We spent four days with good friends in bad weather. After fighting unbelievable traffic through Stuttgart and Ulm on Wednesday night to finally arrive in Rodeneck at 00:45 on Thursday morning (1 November), we then spent the whole of Thursday and most of Friday waiting for suitable weather to fly.

Upper start site

On Friday afternoon we finally managed 1 flight. Saturday was, all told, a great success. The weather cooperated and Janita flew her A-Schein practical test flights and passed with flying colours. I got a total of 4 flights that day – the first flights to be logged in my pilot log book (as opposed to my training log book).

Lower start site

We are now both A-Schein paraglider pilots and we can’t wait to go flying again. Apart from a bit of ground handling yesterday, we can’t do anything at the moment until our licenses arrive in the post.

Ready to go

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