First legs

I woke up early this morning to another beautiful day. After a double espresso, I decided to take the passengers to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Needless to say, they were pleased and I loaded up two groups, one heading to Mostar and the other to Tuzla. The flight plan looked something like the picture below. and covered 650 odd nautical miles. I decided to go to Mostar first because I could pick up another couple there who were also heading for Tuzla – every paying passenger helps.

First legs

First legs

With the flight planning out of the way and passengers loaded by half past eight, conditions were broken clouds and no wind as I went through the checklists and waited for takeoff clearance.

Read for takeoff from Köln

Ready for takeoff from Köln

A slightly unorthodox maneuver after I was airborne gave me a good view of the airport  and I waved a rather nostalgic farewell. It will be a few weeks until I return and who knows what experiences await me in the mean time.

Good by Köln

Goodbye Köln (for now)

The weather was good and the flight was uneventful and two and a half hours later I touched down briefly in Mostar after a fairly steep and wild hand flown descent dodging the surrounding hills. First lot offloaded, the new couple safely in their seats and it was off again into the clear blue skies heading North North East towards Tuzla. It’s quite a climb up and over the mountains and it’s necessary to bury the stick in your lap and climb very fast and steep initially and then up to at least 12.000 ft to comfortably clear the terrain.

A brief stop in Mostar (LQMO) Bosnia and Herzegovina

A brief stop at Mostar (LQMO) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With only 80 nautical miles to go, I stayed high until the last possible moment and then made a very long final approach down the ILS to land on runway 09 at Tuzla.

Final approach to Tuzla (LQTZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Final approach to Tuzla (LQTZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A safe landing, happy passengers and a reusable aeroplane add up to a successful day. Tuzla is a small university town, and since I don’t speak the lingo, I think I’ll  talk to the local pilots here about possible work and then spend the afternoon just wandering around to see what I can see.

Panoramic view of Tuzla

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