Technical failure

Bloody hell. I just spent 10 days waiting in Tuzla while they fixed the airport. Apparently some critical server was down and everything went pear shaped after that.

By the time I got out, the D-GFCF had to go home and I was forced to rent another King Air at double the price. Needless to say I was seriously not impressed.

Departing Kutahya

Departing Kutahya

Fortunately, I managed to fly three legs in one day for the military who pay fairly well. I headed across Turkey, first to Kuthaya AB and then to Erhac AB, before turning south towards Egypt and landing at night at Almaza AB. As I was landing, some civilians approached me and asked for a ride into Saudi Arabia which suited me perfectly so I told them to meet me at the plane (still the double price 350) bright and early the next morning.

Night landing in Almaza

Night landing in Almaza

On Sunday morning, in good weather, we left for Qalibah Highway Strip where I dropped them off and departed almost immediately again, heading over 1000 nm east towards Qarn Alam in Oman.

Final approach to Masirah

Final approach to Masirah

A final short hop to brought me to the northern tip of a small island called Masirah where I spent the night.

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