Lost it

I have lost my bloody camera (lost the plot more like it). Honestly! I went out last night to try to fill this great lumbering beast I’m flying around and somehow when I got back to the hotel I didn’t have my camera with me anymore. I’m even more bleak because I had managed to snap an awesome shot of the runway lights on final approach to Konarak in Iran last night. Argh!

Oh well, time to fill in some details I suppose. In Misrah, I surrendered my King Air to the local charter pilot – who looked pretty desperate – and picked up the “keys” to a Dash-8. I haven’t flown the Dash-8 for ages so it was fun to be back in the old bird again – spindly legs and all. The real problem was finding enough cargo and passengers to fill it. I got a tip-off about a small but valuable military load waiting in Konarak and decided to load up as much as I could and head north to try my luck.

In lui of anything better to offer, here is a map of my route so far (Germany to Iran):

Route to Iran

Route to Iran

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