In Chabua I changed planes yet again, this time to a Challenger 300. I like this jet because its fast and incredibly fuel efficient. However I don’t enjoy flying it. I find the cockpit a tad confusing. Despite this, I collected the plane and headed off in slightly the wrong direct (South West) towards Silchar, India. I was forced to make this detour in search of paying cargo.

Ready for takeoff

Ready for takeoff

It was worth it, both in terms of cargo and scenery. Silchar was by far one of the prettiest airports I have landed at on my trip so far. After a brief stop, I was soon airborne again and heading back North East.

Departure from Silchar

Departure from Silchar

Another brief stop in Putao, Myanmar, a quick refuel and cargo change, and I was winging my way due East towards the coast of China and Changle Airport.

The night-time approach to Changle was awesome. I flew through fluffy cumulus clouds with the moon reflecting over the water as I turned towards the runway.

Final approach to Changle

Final approach to Changle

After I retired to the hotel for the night, I took the time to plot the days route. I am now due north of my destination and I have somewhat more than 1000 nm left to get there.

India to China

India to China

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