East, East and further East

In Konarak I picked up a load of military cargo and turned West for Jaisalmer, India – still flying the Dash-8. Having had to wait the whole day for my cargo, I only left Konarak late and landed in Jaisalmer after 21:00. Here, however there was another cargo waiting for immediate departure and since it seemed like good pay, I loaded the plane up with cargo and me up with coffee and took off into the night again. This time I was heading for Chabua – also in India but right on the other side.

En-route again

En-route again

Oh yes, I also met up with a mate of mine who agreed to accompany me as co-pilot. I misjudged the fuel consumption ever so slightly and just over half way I found myself with only 40% fuel left. This didn’t leave me with many options and I had to divert to Kathmandu. The late night approach through the high mountains is not for the faint of heart.

Turning over the Himalayas towards Kathmandu

Turning over the Himalayas towards Kathmandu

After a very brief stop over – just to take on fuel and visit the rest room, we were off again towards Chabua.

Departing Kathmandu

Departing Kathmandu

A nerve-racking flight over the Alps in the dark finally got us to our destination at 01:00 and after unloading the cargo and securing the aircraft I slumped into a spare bed for visiting pilots that the local flying school had available, for a well deserved rest.

Dodging mountains

Dodging mountains

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