Epic day

Sunday 5 May turned out – against all expectations to be the most epic day so far. We took a ride up in the cable car in the morning to find the conditions too strong and gusty for us so we descended again and spent an hour or two ground handling instead. We then took another trip up – this time without gliders – and a pleasant walk to the summit of Neunerköpfle.

On top of Neunerköpfle

By the time we came off the summit the wind had dropped a little and settled into a Northerly direction and we watched a tandem and another pilot take off from the North start site. We quickly (it’s all relative – the cable car trip takes twelve and a half minutes one direction) descended to get our gliders from the car and by quarter to four we were on our way up again.

Up Neunerköpfle

By the time we were back on the start site and set up and ready to go it was quarter past four and we were quite nervous. The wind had picked up a little bit and the cable car was closing so there was no possibility of a trip back down if we aborted – we would have to walk. Thankfully, the wind was cyclic and we waiting for a lull and launched out – the last ones off for the day.


Well wow! The air was relatively calm and rising in all directions. What followed was a 38 minute flight for me and some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

South over the Alps

We lazily explored the valley, flying from the ridge lift on the North slope of Neunerköpfle to the thermal lift coming off the last patches of sunlight over the village of Gran and back again. We flew together the whole time. Magical!

Up above

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