M15 Prerelease

Yesterday I played in the M15 prerelease. I was super excited going in, having prepared well by reading up and rating all the new cards. I also tried to read all the lead up articles published by Wizards as well as thinking about possible strategies and synergies that I would like to try. I was excited to get another chance to play after having no time since baby came home from the hospital. The last time I played was also the first time I won a draft pod on MTGO and I was still riding the “high” from that.

I crashed and burned…. badly.

So, after going 0-2-2, I asked myself why, and gradually it dawned on me that I had made the most basic beginner mistake possible – I had opened some really awesome rares and tried to play them all in the same deck. Yes, all of the cards below were in my deck, and I didn’t consider taking them out, even when it didn’t work.

M15 Prerelease

M15 Prerelease

Now, it’s not the colours of these cards that is inherently the problem, although double black, double red and splashing for green is certainly pushing it a bit. In fact, the splash for green allowed me to bring in Plummet out of my sideboard against decks with flying – which turned out to be useful. No, the real problem was having such an insanely high mana curve – 2x 7, 2×6 and 1×5 (which wasn’t my only 5 drop). This simply doesn’t work in limited, especially if the deck has nothing of significance to play in the early turns. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and, looking at it now, it would probably have been better for me to splash black for Garruk (cutting Ob Nixilis of course) and play a red/green deck where I would have had more significant plays in the early turns, than to splash green for Garruk and play the red/black deck that I did.

Oh well. I live and hopefully learn.

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