What’s the pick?

First pick, third pack, with a green white deck taking shape. It’s still missing a few creatures and something resembling removal.

What would you pick: Sungrace Pegasus or Sunblade Elf?

What's the pick?

Sunblade Elf vs Sungrace Pegasus

I took the Pegasus and it won me at least one game (when suited up with Brawler’s Plate). It turned out that I didn’t need to even consider the elf as I managed to pick up another two later in the same pack.

Gargoyle Sentinel vs Sunblade Elf

Gargoyle Sentinel vs Sunblade Elf

Here I did take the elf and I don’t think that it was the right decision. I ended up with three elves in total, but I would much rather have had the gargoyle.

I won the first match 2-0 by managing to have greater patience than my opponent. I simply stalled everything he did and my deck had greater inevitability in the form of Ancient Silverback and Sungrace Pegasus (either equipped or enchanted). The second match did not go so well. Once again I tried to wait out my opponent, but his deck was not only the same speed as mine, but went bigger at the top of the curve, which I couldn’t deal with. I was definitely missing a 5 drop or two.

I was quite chuffed when at one point I had both Sungrace Pegasus and Soulmender on the battlefield and was managing to gain two life for every three damage he dealt me with spirit tokens. It didn’t win me the game, but it felt good to play in such a way that I gave myself as much time as possible to draw into one of my outs.

Here was the crux of the second game:

What's the play?

What’s the play?

Having played his second Triplicate Spirits on the preceding turn, he attacked with Oreskos Swiftclaw and I made an important mistake. I considered trading one of my creatures for that cat, but couldn’t decide whether I should trade the 2/2 Shaman of Spring or one of the spirit tokens. What I didn’t consider until combat was over, was blocking with the wall and gaining three life. On my next turn, I played the Hydra and drew into a Razorfoot Griffin which was just about the best card I could have found off the Hydra in order to have a chance at stabilizing the board. However, he evened things out by enchanting his own spirit with Marked by Honor, and very soon I was starting to fall behind and was unable to do anything about it. I lost the match 0-2, with Sanctified Charge being the final nail in the coffin both times. When playing white, this card just completely destroys and kind of stalled board situation.

Sanctified Charge

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