Draft: M15 8-4 14.08.2014

1st pick 1st pack

1st pick 1st pack

I started the draft with a strong green card: Ancient Silverback. This led me towards a green white convoke deck which ended up with two copies of Siege Wurm but without a single copy of either Triplicate Spirits or Raise the Alarm. I took Heat Ray as the first pick out of the second pack because, despite being green-white it is just so much stronger than Satyr Wayfinder and Titanic Growth. I could have splashed it, but didn’t and this may have been a mistake on my part.

1st pick 2nd pack

1st pick 2nd pack

The most interesting pick of the draft came early in pack two: Sungrace Pegasus, Heliod’s Pilgrim or Living Totem? In hindsight, the Totem would probably have been the best pick for my deck, but at the time I was thinking about getting more white creatures in order to make Sanctified Charge better.

Sungrace Pegasus vs Heliod's Pilgrim vs Living Totem

Sungrace Pegasus vs Heliod’s Pilgrim vs Living Totem

Sunblade Elf is a key element of this deck that I managed to pick up as my first pick out of the third pack. Unlike last time, I wasn’t really interested in the Gargoyle because I needed the Elf a lot more.

1st pick 3rd pack

1st pick 3rd pack

I was quite pleased with the deck I built and super chuffed, when I managed to convoke out a Siege Wurm early in game 1.

Turn 6 Siege Wurm

Turn 6 Siege Wurm

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. I tried to play fancy and conceal the fact that I had the Silverback in my deck by not playing it because I though I could easily win from the above board state. Unfortunately, the five turn clock was three turns too slow and my opponent not only managed to stabilize, but to turn the game around and win. I could and should have prolonged the second game for a few more turns by casting Nissa’s Expedition with convoke, before casting Siege Wurm as this would have given me two more mana source with which to interact with the board. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and that, combined with a stupid attack into Black Cat which caused me to discard my Sanctified Charge, cost me the game, the match and the draft.

That’s one of the problem’s with MTGO 8-4 drafts: they’re single elimination. This means that I’m not playing very much magic when I go out in the first round. This is not really representative, because even at the highest level of competition, drafts are swiss. While the 8-4s offer better prizes, stiffer competition and take less time when crashing and burning, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be much better for my game if I played swiss. I would get to play more magic. I would face a whole lot more types of draft decks and learn what works and what doesn’t on both sides of the table. I would get a much better idea of what my deck is capable of: 0-3, 1-2, 2-1 or occasionally (hopefully) 3-0.


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