My last post was written in Brussels airport as I was heading for Montreal. I’m heading home on Tuesday and I can’t believe how fast the last two months have flown by.

I haven’t seen nearly as much as I wanted to see, nor done nearly as much as you would imagine would be possible in two months, simply because I have spent almost all my time, including weekends, at work.

I have however managed to go skiing, see some sights, enjoy some excellent food and fly, which is the most important of all.

I’ve been running in Olympia Park and at Mont Royal.

I’ve visited downtown and eaten at a few good restaurants. My favorite restaurant however has to be The Keg on Rene Levesque. I highly recommend the steak there.

When I arrived it was 13 degrees below zero and covered in snow. We seem to have skipped spring completely and gone straight into summer. Its amazingly green now and the forecast is 30 degrees for tomorrow.

Apparently there are only two seasons here in Montreal: winter and construction. And on that note its time to sign off, pack my bags and head home.

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