Pont Jacques-Cartier

This has been a year of not a lot of blogging and a hang of a lot of action.
I spent two an a half months on business in Montreal.
I flew back from Montreal to Germany for Olivia’s first birthday and Sophie was born in October.
Janita and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.
I completed both my paraglider B-Schein (sport license) and Windenschleppschein (winch launch license).
I achieved 60 paraglider flights, totalling 34 hours of airtime.
I achieved not only my first paraglider cross-country flight but also my first 50 km flight only a month later.


I have all but given up Magic and I have not had time to play ESO in months. That’s partially because I reignited my interest in photography and have been doing an online course in the little free time I have been able to grab here and there.


My personal goals for next year are centred on two things: paragliding and photography. The paragliding is not so much flying related because its Janita’s turn to fly in 2016 and my turn to stay on the ground and look after the girls. However, I aim to read Dennis Pagen’s book Understanding The Sky from cover to cover by the end of the year. I also aim to continue developing my photography by finishing the online course I am doing and putting as much of it into action as possible.

And, of course, I would like to maintain my blog better, but opportunities to sit down and write are few and far between. What I really need to do is finish streamlining my photography workflow so that I can publish and write about my own photos.Hohe Salve.jpg

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