Keys to Success

I arrived back the other day and was wondering what to do next, when I was inspired by the quality of the light coming through the window. The most readily available subject was a pair of keys used to lock the windows when I am out and so I positioned these carefully in the pool of light, got out the tripod and started shooting. I only realised later that I had forgotten to switch off the room light first. In the end though, the artificial room light and the natural window light worked together rather than against each other.

Lifelike Keys.jpg

I have always been one to pooh pooh photos that have been over processed, but I have discovered lately that I actually quite like images that don’t necessarily reflect reality as seen by my eyes. I find regular photos, which have been adjusted to be as close to reality as possible, somewhat boring. I was playing around with the tone curve when I discovered the misty, surreal effect in the photo below (by increasing the brightness of the black point a lot).

Surreal Keys.jpg

What fascinates me (I’m an engineer, so this is unchartered territory for me) is that this image is a far better representation of how I felt when I was actually taking the photographs than the first one, which is more realistically processed (albeit with the clarity slider quite a bit overdone).

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