07/07/07 What a day to remember!

It’s hard to think that the time has flown past so quickly already, two weeks ago we were unwrapping wedding prezzies having been married the day before!

I still maintain that I was not worried about myself but more for my mum, who put so much hard work, tireless hours and love into everything.

I ‘m not sure where to start; the beginning I presume is a good place to start, but where is the beginning? I have no clue.

The night before the wedding was busy, there was still much frantic sewing being done for the bridesmaids, for me and for mum. There was cotton in all directions, busy ironing hems with sticky stuff and so on… Eventually after dinner I went off to bed where I wrote my speech on a bit of wrapping paper before falling off to sleep.

The following morning started with a few beauty treatments for mum and then off to the hair dresser for the both of us. I think I had most of my makeup done by then, we returned looking glam and then I finished doing mum’s makeup, and 2 of the bridesmaids makeup too. To my horror mum was still at the machine sewing her dress!

The photographers came to find me in a tracksuit and no dress on yet! That was soon rectified and then the nerves started to set in…I had a few close to teary moments but did well to hold them back, then the fun and games started with all the photo’s, looking here, standing there etc and mum was still not dressed! I was starting to get really worried about her, would she make it to the church before me? With the time fast approaching the time to leave, things fell neatly into place, the Cadillac Eldorado (drop top) was gleaming in the sun and this was it, my last ride in a car as Miss Dodgson.

The next 30 minutes changed my life forever – entering into the church, seeing everybody – friends, family, loved ones – looking (Tristan staring) at me, just me, where I was the centre of the world was breathtaking. I felt Dads hand get a bit shaky and more tears welled up in my eyes, and then there was Tristan. Looking absolutely dashing and beaming from ear to ear (mind you, so was I). I kissed my Dad farewell and took Tristan’s arm.

The service was very special indeed, with lots of meaningful passages, and special “I do’s”. It’s difficult to remember all the details of the whole service, and before I knew it we were walking out as husband and wife.

The ride to the Country Club, Johannesburg was as smooth as a really good wine, we just floated along, smiling, waving and laughing – now was the serious time ahead – the serious party! There was a fantastic marimba band playing to welcome the guests and it was a good time to meet and great all the guests before lunch. The food and wine were all fantastic, and really scrumptious. (Hopefully I will be able to post pics of the food later on.) The speeches were outstanding, short, sweet, funny, and very entertaining. My dad gave us some really good advice about kids – “never have more kids than available car windows” thanks Dad. Neil regailed us with stories from Tristan’s school days and Colleen cunningly pointed out that it took Tristan a degree in Aeronautical engineering to discover that bicycles don’t, in fact, fly!

We had to sadly cut our amazing cake, it was really beautiful and then it was time for our first dance. It went something like this: “ok, are we in the right place? and 1,2,3, back,2,3, side, 2,3, forward,2,3, sorry I stood on your toe, 2,3,etc. and eventually turn and smile! At least Colleen and Dad came to rescue us both and then enjoyed the dance some more with them.

After more photo’s, cake, dancing and fun it was time to leave. With a super tunnel and lots of cheers we went on our merry way to the lodge on the CCJ property. At least there was no driving involved.

Later on there was a family dinner just to relax and to end a fantastic day off with.

I would like to say a few special thanks before I go:

Tristan my Husband – you have and you will always make me smile, thanks for all the good memories

To mum and dad – thank you for a wonderful day
Colleen – thank you for the divine cake
Robert – for all the wine
My Bridesmaids – Carolyn, Gill and Lucy. Thank you for making the day run smoothly and for looking so beautiful.
The Best man and Groomsmen – for being so dashing and witty!

Neil & Emma
Neil -Tristan’s Best man and Emma, his girlfriend

Deryck & Carmen
Deryck, my brother and Carmen, his wife in 3 weeks!

These two pictures were taken after the wedding at our dinner.

This is me done for today, in Tristan’s words “over and out”.


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