A relaxing day and a vulture resturant

Thursday morning began rather slowly. After breakfast, Janita and Mel, one of our hosts, talked shop (beauty therapy) and I went and lay by the river to take some photographs.

A river runs through it
A river runs through it

The outside deck also provided some nice photo opportunities. Janita and I attempted to take a photo of the stars, one of those photos where you point the camera at the sky and the resulting shot shows the stars as portions of a circle (due to the earth’s rotation). Unfortunately, the first night we tried, the camera battery died because of the cold. The second night we wrapped the camera in a “hot water bottle” and it worked but was horribly out of focus. I have no idea why this might be because I manually focused the camera on infinity.

View from the deck
View from the deck

After lunch (fillet of beef with lemon roasted potatoes), we spent a lovely afternoon relaxing in the sun and reading. Janita was learning how to operate our PowerShot camera and managed to get this photo of me correctly exposed by underexposing and using fill in flash (I was sitting in bright sunlight but the rest of the room was in shadow).

Tristan relaxing
Tristan relaxing

Janita also took this goergeous shot of the view outside our bedroom window. When we woke up in the morning we would open the curtains and lie in bed looking out at this!

Valley in black and white
Valley in black and white

We went for sundowners with Mel up to a place called “The Vulture Resturant”. The wind was unbelievably strong and we had to hold on to our picnic basket and cameras very tightly.

The Vulture Resturant
The Vulture Resturant

Mel was kind enough to take a picture of us inside the resturant:

Janita and Tristan inside the Vulture Resturant

In the evening we had a multi-bean soup for starters followed by butterfish, wok fried spinach and baby marrow in a white wine sauce. Desert consisted of deep fried brie, grilled pear and strawberry coulis.

The evening ended with me teaching Janita to play chess and her winning her first ever game.

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