A walk in a very large park

Janita at breakfast

We woke up on Tuesday morning in the lap of luxury. The sun was streaming in through the window and we had the wonderful prospect of a day to ourselves with nothing we had to do and nowhere we had to go. Breakfast was eggs, bacon sausages and tomatoes but most importantly it began with superb danish pastries!

Janita in the courtyard
Janita in the courtyard

After breakfast we went for a walk and I taught Janita some of the little I know about photography. The stone structure to Janita’s left in the above photograph is a fountain and the little water it contained was frozen solid.

Tenahead Mountain Lodge
Tenahead Mountain Lodge

Janita took the above shot with the Powershot S2IS and I think she has done a superb job. Tenahead Mountain Lodge is nestled high in the mountains. I think that its probably at an altitude of about 2500 m although all of the altitude indications on road signs and maps in the area completely contradict each other so there is no way of being sure without a GPS.

Ariel view of Tenahead Mountain Lodge
Ariel view of Tenahead Mountain Lodge

After lunch consisting of kassler chops, baked potatoes and salad we went for a walk up the mountain behind the lodge. On the way up the hill I managed to grab this photo of the lodge. Our room was in the first one (closest to the viewer) in the wing on the left of the photo.

On top of the mountain
On top of the mountain

After stopping for many photo breaks on the way up we reached the top. In true form of all mountains, it wasn’t really the top, just a plateau but we decided to call it the top anyway. We stopped to take more photos and the picture above should give you some idea of the view.

Writing in the snow
Writing in the snow

On our way down the mountain we walked through snow drift up to our knees. This meant snow in our shoes which was made worse because we were in normal tackies instead of hiking boots. We found that banging the snow out of our shoes after the deep drifts prevented wet shoes and socks. At the bottom of the hill we met up with the contour path which led directly back to the lodge (actually part of the Wagon trail) and we stopped to write in the snow.

Tristan and his camera
Me and my camera

We had another long stop for more photographs. In the one above I was taking a photo of the wagon at the beginning of the Wagon Trail. It was nice to return to the warmth of the lodge, a hot shower and a fine dinner. I can’t remember what the starters were but the main course was a pork fillet in a honey mustard sauce accompanied by steamed vegetables. Desert was apple tart topped with whiskey cream.

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