“I wanna go skiing…”

This is usually what I heard at least once a week from the 31st January till the beginning of our honeymoon. My reply to Tristan was “well, if you haven’t booked somewhere where we can go skiing for our honey moon, then I don’t want to hear about it”

Well today, was a perfect day to go skiing, so after breakfast we got ready and left for Tiffendale. This was the second time to drive this route, and still new things caught our eyes. It was so beautiful to be up there with the Lammies.

Lammies flying high
Lammies flying high

So we got to Tiffendale, got kitted out and we headed for the beginner slopes, so I could get my footing back , as I was a bit nervous after the accident in Sweden. Needles to say, I never did get over my mental block. Tristan kindly bought me a private lesson, and not even that helped – I am bad at skiing, so I will try again next time. I am proud to say that I never gave up, I stopped skiing at about 5 when sense-of-humour-failure set in.

Me having a lesson
Me having a lesson

Tristan on the other hand was having a great time, going up and down the two slopes. He said that it was quite nice being one of the few people on the slopes actually knowing what they were doing.

We went off to lunch with Mel, and had a nice burger and chips for lunch, and there after hit the slopes again. As it was Friday, the slops were open till 7, this was really great cause now Tristan could get all the skiing ‘out of his system’!

My dear husband having a blast
My dear husband having a blast

There was a noticeable change in the regular saying, from “I want to go skiing” to “these boots make my toes sore”!

As the afternoon wore on I took a few photo’s of Tristan and what it looks like to be skiing in South Africa. It is a strange feeling, when you look down and see and feel snow under foot and then look out into the land below and see bare winter grass hills. Very strange, I tell you.

The last rays
The out look

Tristan went up and down in the fading light and I was able to reflect on what a special man I had married and how spoilt I was to be here.

Just one more - Please!
Just one more – Please!

The beauty of the mountains, the setting sun and tranquility made me realise that we should all take a moment, from time to time, and be grateful that we are alive in such a beautiful world, and that we should be thankful for everything that we have everyday.

The out look
The last rays

We had sundowners before we left to go back to the lodge – lots of cheese and biscuits – much to our delight!

It took us just short of 90mins to get back, and what a bumpy trip. We were then fed again with yet another delicious meal made by Cuan. It was a mildley curried seafood soup, then followed by sirloin with tagliatelli in a green pepper sauce. (Im sure dessert was really good, but it was not written down and I can’t remember – sorry!) And another day was over – how it has flown by so quickly!

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