It huffed & puffed and blew all day

We had decided that today we would venture to Tiffindell – South Africa’s only ski resort! So after a scrumptious breakfast we wrapped up tightly and headed along the ‘back route’ to Tiffindell. This was a 90 min drive to do 30km, the scenery was quite beautiful. When we arrived we were met by an icy wind and a ski resort with 2, yes just 2 slopes!

Wind swept slope of Tiffindell
Wind swept slope of Tiffindell

We decided that for the price of one day’s skiing here (which was the same as that in Salen – Sweden) we would leave skiing for today and come back another day. So down to Rhodes we went! This was quite a road, as you zig zaged down the gorges at what seemed like 45 degrees! On our way day we stopped to take some photo’s of a beautiful raptor soaring just above us, later we identified it as a junior Lammergeier.

Soaring with Lamagaaier
Soaring with Lammergeier

We carried on down into Rhodes where we had pizza at Walkabout’s and did a little sight seeing. This was quite quick and short as Rhodes only has 23 permanent resident, is 4 roads wide and 6 roads long!

Roads of Rhodes
Roads of Rhodes

Then it was time to head home, on our way home we passed the Naude` memorial where we stopped for photo’s, we carried on till the top of the pass, the wind was really strong so I had to hold on to my husband tightly

Top of Naude`s Neck
Top of Naude`s Neck

We went back to the Lodge, spent time relaxing in the sun and then we went up to the top of the hill we climbed up on Tuesday to have sundowners. Tristan had to climb to see the view from the top, and what did he see – another mountain!

View from the top
View from the top

The wind was so strong, we had sundowners in the car, then we trotted up to the false top of the mountain, there we had to hold on for dear life.

Hold on to your hats
Hold on to your hats

For dinner that night we had starters of shrimp and butternut soup. Main course was duck and mushroom with vermicelli pasta. Dessert was sponge cake with strawberries.

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