Our Wedding Day (Tristan’s perspective)

I will never forget my wedding day.

For the preceding few days everybody kept asking me if I was nervous and I kept replying “no, not really”. Well I suppose I must have been because when I woke up on Saturday morning I spooned Milo into my cereal bowl.

It didn’t take long to get ready but the photographers were late and couldn’t find the house so Neil, Deryck, Stephen and I sat around and waited for them. When they arrived we had a photo shoot outside in the morning sun and on the stairs up to the flat. We then climbed into the cars and proceeded in an orderly fashion to number 52. At this point Neil, Stephen and I had to return home to fetch my forgotten shoes and jacket (for after the wedding). We also had instructions to search for a non-existent black book for Janita. And finally, after failing to find the book, we returned to the church to wait for the big moment.

I cannot think of a way to describe the feeling of being a groom waiting for your bride at the church. Words like nervous and excited come to mind but for me there was also a very large helping of: Wow, we’re finally here! Time goes quickly in moments like that and before I new it Janita was walking up the isle and I was shaking Tony’s hand. Linking my arm in hers we walked together up to the alter to profess our love for each other and make our life long commitment.

The Reverend Martin Chunky Young married us and gave a meaningful sermon about commitment in marriage as well as useful advice on how to cope with everyday life without biting each others heads off.

And then the ceremony was over and we were walking out of the church with Janita trying to slow me down. I’m not sure why I was walking so fast, excitement I suppose. After some photos with our parents in the garden outside the church, we were driven in an open top Cadillac all the way to the Johannesburg Country Club. What a comfortable ride and the weather was perfect.

Gluvine, some hot food thingies on trays, greetings and congratulations followed before we entered the reception venue to the song “I’m a believer” and applause from our guests. Starters, speeches, main course, photographs, cake cutting, desert, dancing and more photographs followed. The reception was fantastic with great food and drink and wonderful people celebrating with us. The speeches were very well done and we received a huge number of compliments about the event. Finally Janita threw her bouquet and I threw her garter and after some more dancing it was time to leave. Our guests gave us a fantastic send off and we walked through a long tunnel of arms held high as we left the venue.

Luckily we didn’t have to travel far as we stayed at the Lodge on the premises. So there we went to talk and relax. I also took some photos.

Order of Service, Menu & Bonbonaries
Order of Service, Menu & Bonbonaries

Janita was gorgeous in her wedding gown.

Beautiful Bride
Janita, my beautiful bride

The day ended with a dinner for immediate family and close friends at the country club. This was also a great event and a huge thank you to Tony for hosting it.

I will end this post by thanking significant people involved in making our day so unforgettable:

Janita – my beautiful bride, for the wonderful person you are.

Tony & Marguerite – for organizing and hosting the event of the year.

Robert – dad, for so generously providing great wine and drinks.

Colleen – mum, for everything you did, especially baking our wonderful wedding cake.

Neil – for being a great best man.

Deryck – my new brother in law, for being master of ceremonies and my groomsman.

Stephen – for being my groomsman.

And finally a huge thanks goes out to all our guests, especially those who travelled from distant lands. You made our day the success that it was.


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