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I Follow Roads

It isn’t amazing that time passes. What is amazing is what we can accomplish with that time.

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Hike & Fly

My first succesful hike and fly started alone at 05:00 on 28 July from 1200m up the side of Drautal in Austria. I was desk job unfit and carrying 16kg worth of not particularly lightweight paraglider, harness, clothing, water and snacks. Three and a half hours later and my legs were hurting like hell, but boy, was I enjoying the view.


Half an hour after that, I finally reached the top and, after then climbing an extra 200 m to “shelter” from the rain, I walked around the mountain and found this start site.


I have these pictures as my desktop wallpapers at work and every day I wish I could go back and do it again. These dreams keep me sane.

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