The Adventures of Älg

Älg chilling in the hotel at Untergopprat Hof. (Süd Tirol, Italy, Oct ’12)

Älg all ready to fly in Sand in Taufers. (Süd Tirol, Itlay, Oct ’12)

Älg and his drinking buddies in the Löwenbräu tent! (Oktoberfest, Sept ’12)

“Hic, lalala, hic, hic, Ich bin an die Theresienwiese”

Älg with Janita and Trisatn on the ‘stadt reisen’ through Munich. (Sept ’12)

Älg all comfy on the ICE from Aachen to Munich for Oktoberfest. (Frankfurt am Main, Sept ’12)

Älg is strapped in and ready to go for his flight. ( Stuckerkopf, Baiersbronn, Aug ’12)

Älg is in Baiersbronn to learn how to paraglide. But with this wonderful life in the air comes the inevitable para-waiting. This covers anything from waiting for the perfect weather to waiting for the gliders to dry. (Schwarzwald, August ’12)

Älg snuggling into his hotel for the weekend. Possible the hottest weekend in Germany and no air-con! (Bad Herenalb, August ’12)

Älg learning to sled down the track in Winterberg. After his summer holiday he needed to escape to the snow! (Winterberg, Feb ’12)

Älg on his flight home to Germany on the lovely A380. He really had a lovely holiday in South Africa. (JHB international Airport, Jan ’12)

Älg did encounter many dangerous animals on his safari trip: lions, elephants, leopard, rhino and lots of other beasts including many birds. (Pilanesberg National Park, Jan ’12)

Älg, what can you see? Bird watching is a great love! (Pilanesberg National Park, Jan ’12)

Älg – our tracker. He loves being in the bush. (Pilanesberg National Park, Jan ’12)

Älg enjoying sundowners overlooking Mankwe Dam. (Pilanesberg National Park, Jan ’12)

Älg taking charge of the game drive in Pilanesberg National Park. North West Province, South Africa, Jan ‘12)

Älg and Tristan on the plane from Cape Town to Jo’burg. (C.T. International Airport, Jan ’12)

Sunrise Beach (Muizenberg, Cape Town. Dec ’11)

On top of the Mountain!!! Looking down over Cape Town city center, Table Bay and Robben Island. (Dec ’11)

Wine and cheese tasting at Fairview Estate. (Paarl, Cape Winelands, Dec ’11)
Älg at Boulders Beach (Simons Town, Dec ’11)
Älg with Janita and Tristan in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. (Cape Town, Dec ‘11)

Älg at Bloubergstrand, looking towards Table Mountain and Table Bay. (Cape Town, Dec ‘11)

Älg’s veiw of the Cape Flats, Cape Town Dec ‘11

Älg at Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town Dec ’11

Sporting ‘high summer’ fashion. It was so cold…

Chilling with my cuz Yacklet!

Älg taking a boat trip on the Rursee (July 2011)

Älg trekking the Eilelsteig and taking a break overlooking the Rursee.
(Einruhr July 2011)

Älg on the train to an ice hockey tournament in Diez. (An route to Diez. April ’11)

Älg on the stylish transfer bus from the hotel to the slops. (Innsbruck, March ’11)

Älgs Skiing holiday at Axamer Lizum. (Innsbruck, March ’11)

Älg in his lovely room in Hotel Central. (Innsbruck, Austria. February ’11) [sorry about being out of focus – the photographer was tired)

Älg on yet another train on his trip to Austria. This was 5/5 train for the trip! (Austria, February ’11)

Älg and his train obsession … He is traveling on the ICE from Köln to Munich on his way to Innesbruck Austria for his Skiing holiday. (February ’11)

Älg always wanting to find somewhere warm to enjoy the view from. (Budapest, January ’11)

Älg and Tristan at Széchenyihegy – the end of the line for the Children’s Railway. (Budapest, January ’11)

Älg enjoying a cosy trip to the top of the hill! (Budapest, January ’11)

Älg riding the ‘Children’s Railway’ at Hüvösvölgy. (Budapest, January ’11)

Älg making sure he had a clear view for the tour. (Budapest, January ’11)

Älg’s trip on the River Ride – an amphibious tour bus that toured Pest and the Danube River. With this being Älg’s first trip he wanted to be close to the life saver ring should the Captain driving the bus get into a spot of bother. (Budapest January ’11)

Älg and Tristan outside the Budapest Parliament. (Pest, January ’11)

Great service on board Lufthansa. (Somewhere on route to Budapest, January ’11)

Älg on the plane looking out the window wondering where all the other planes are going. (Köln International Airport, January ’11)

Älg getting ready to go on his first international holiday to Budapest, Hungary. (Köln International Airport. January ’11)

Älg wondering through Monschau Weinachtsmarkt in the snow. Älg had to be regularly dusted off from under the accumulating snow. (Monschau, December ’10)

Älg over looking a frozen winter valley. He is ‘flying’ the flag proudly. (Monschau, December ’10).

Älg at the Oktoberfest festival in Krefeld. Älg is enjoying Alt Beer and a Bredzel. (Krefeld, September ’10)

Älg schlurping down an Alt Beer – the local brew. (Oktoberfest, Krefeld, September ’10)

Älg chilling on a boat trip up the Rhine enjoying the view. (Düsseldorf, September ’10)

Älg being taken for a walk through Düsseldorf, past fountains and churches. (Düsseldorf, September ‘ 10)

Älg and Tristan on the train to Düsseldorf. (Aachen Train Station, September ’10)

Älg outside Elisenbrunnen, about to go on the City Tour. (Aachen, September '10)

Älg outside Elisenbrunnen, about to go on the City Tour. (Aachen, September ’10)

Älg finally reached his hotel, and had an opportunity to put his feet up and relax on the couch. It was a pity (he thought) that Tristan got there first! But it was comfortable! (Hotel Pallazzo Alfonso July ’10)

Älg on the final leg of his journey to the Hotel. He was relaxing on the train between Köln and Aachen, Germany. (Northrhine Westfalia, July ’10)

Älg just after an 11hour flight from Johannesburg. Looking a little frazzeled he was taking time out between flights. (Munich Int. Airport, July ’10)

Älg and Myself in Munich Airport waiting for the next flight to Köln. (Munich July ’10)

Älg on a picnic at Kirstenbosch Gardens. He had finished his glass and was after the bottle now. (Cape Town, June ’10)

Älg with Aunty Gill on a picnic. (Cape Town June ’10)

Älg having just had a chocolate milkshake at the Magoebaskloof Hotel. (Magoebaskloof, March ’10)

Älg on the Sunland Baobab. The trunk of the tree consists of two connected parts. Each of these parts has own enormous hollows connected with a narrow passage. Diameter of the tree – 10.64 metres, height 19 metres and crown diameter – 30.2 metres. Circumference of the trunk – 33.4 metres

Älg in the Sunland Baobab. (Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo ’10)

Älg, Tristan and Janita at Peeko Tea garden. (Magoebaskloof March ’10)

Älg visiting a giant twisted Wild Fig tree in a forest close to Magoebaskloof Hotel. (March, ’10)

Älg in a tree at the pools above Sterkspruit Falls (Drakensberg, Monk’s Cowl, January ’10)

Älg on the slopes of Cathkin Peak (Drakensberg, Monk’s Cowl, January ’10)

Janita and Älg at Blindman’s Corner (Drakensberg, Monk’s Cowl, January ’10)

Janita and Älg below Cathedral Peak (Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak, January ’10)

Älg on a Chopper (Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak, January ’10)

Janita, Tristan and Älg (Drakensberg, Monk’s Cowl, January ’10)

Älg on the Amphitheatre (Drakensberg, Royal Natal, August ’09)

Watching over brunch at Mahai River between Lookout Rock and The Crack (Drakensberg, Royal Natal, August ’09)

Älg on the Crocodile (Drakensberg, Royal Natal, August ’09)

Guardian of the food at Shingwedzi (Kruger National Park, July ’09)

Älg on my lap at Tshanga Picnic Site (Kruger National Park, July ’09)

On the road somewhere near Red Rocks (Kruger National Park, July ’09)

Alg sitting in the boot of the car while Janita and I have afternoon tea (Nylsvley, February '09)

Älg sitting in the boot of the car while Janita and I have afternoon tea (Nylsvley, February ’09)

Birdwatching (Nylsvley, February '09)

Birdwatching (Nylsvley, February ’09)

Janita and Älg relaxing at the Nylsvley campsite (February 2009)

Janita and Älg relaxing at the Nylsvley campsite (February ’09)

On the bus home from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg (January 2009)

On the bus home from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg (January ’09)

Janita and Alg at Doodsklip in Baviaanskloof

Janita and Älg at Doodsklip (Baviaanskloof, January ’09)

Shadows of Alg at Doodsklip

Shadows of Älg at Doodsklip (Baviaanskloof, January ’09)

Sunbathing Moose

Sunbathing Moose (Baviaanskloof, January ’09)

Alg on the Crocodile


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